Property, Real Estate & Construction

Below is the summary of our collective recommendations. We met, had many ideas put forward and then narrowed them down to the top ten. Ideas were put into an anonymous survey with the results below. 1 being the most important to 10 being the least but still very important!

  1. Develop an external marketing campaign directed to attract young and emerging professionals/tradespeople in order to create a diverse, long standing labour force and a tax base with longevity.
  2. Centralize public/private services for the Municipality inside the centre of the geographical hub (ie. libraries, arenas
  3. Create a central connection (ie. website) where private/public (non-profit) companies/organizations can be found by residents and newcomers outside of, but with input from the Municipal portal - with optimized search engine capabilities
  4. Offer incentives to First-Time Home Buyers/Home Owners who choose to move to, or stay in Chatham-Kent
  5. Allow direct access and communication with Municipal staff - the “Who Does What Database” should be shared publicly
  6. Establish benchmarks for building permits, checklists for submission, expectations for turnaround times and make this publicly accessible
  7. Promote Industrial Land Development by partnering with developers to rent or buy available land, build speculatively and attract tenant, waiving all development and property tax costs until tenant is secured
  8. Merge, align, and share key infrastructure plans - gas, water, electricity, transportation and internet are keys to growth across all sectors, including tele-commuters
  9. Review CK Official Plan with a private panel of developers and update zoning based on current developments, existing and planned infrastructure, and traffic patterns/flow.
  10. Perform a LEAN review of internal operations and other private/public partnership agreements