Not for Profit

Based on the responses from the most recent CKNN survey

  • Almost ΒΌ of non profits report having one month or less of operating capital
  • Of the remaining 70%, only 10% of that group (6) non profits have three months of operating capital
  • Of that 10%, more than half (approximately 4) have six months operating capital

Networking remains integral to supporting the non-profit sector. 75% of respondents are supportive of finding ways to partner & collaborate.

  • Strategic support to facilitate this networking through the CKNN would be beneficial (i.e. access to departments to resolve issues.)

Because CKNN is a member of ONN (Ontario Nonprofit Network which is largely an advocacy network) for the most part, CKNN does not require municipal lobbying.

The nonprofit sector needs less restrictions on funds raised through lotteries & raffles

  • A more simplistic application of the licensing requirement would be beneficial: this would require both provincial and federal changes

CKNN would strongly recommend that Council maintain the staff dedicated to supporting non-profits through the process of hosting events on municipal property.