Manufacturing & Logistics

Questions Posed with Recommendations:

A- Ideas/Concerns/Opportunities specifically for your industry in relation to:
‐ COVID-19/Chatham-Kent/Ontario/Canada/Other

  • Health and safety for employees
    • Recommend setting of minimum safety standards municipally or provincially
    • Adopt OESA (original equipment suppliers association) guidelines as a framework
    • Educate the rest of industry and suppliers/customers of standards
    • Standards required for sense of security.
  • Essential Services
    • Clearly define the criteria for essential services and limit businesses to those services only.
  • Infrastructure
    • Local
      • Marketing of opportunities in Chatham Kent to economies that are struggling- e.g., Alberta, East coast
      • Provision of high speed internet community wide
      • Support/education to increase “work from home” capabilities and help business set up on line capabilities.
      • Local infrastructure spending to include local industry buildings, land, parking, mechanical improvements- creates jobs locally and serves municipality long term
      • Low or no interest loans for business equipment, improvements
      • Start and maintain local benchmarking surveys to determine where help is needed.
    • Provincial/Federal
      • Refund employee tax payable to employer or pay employer EI benefit
      • Lower electricity prices
      • Re-assess education to provide local training and skills required to feed domestic manufacturing needs incorporating up to date technology.
    • Federal
      • Incentivize domestic manufacturing in essential industries- Introduce duties, fund technology and infrastructure to develop infrastructure and domestic supply chains.
      • Look beyond PPE (personal protective equipment) for essential business and manufacturing through various stress tests to determine what supplies are essential and require domestic sources.
      • Continue wage supplement for next 6-9 months tiered to lower business volume and create a formula to give support to only those businesses that need it.
      • Remove carbon tax burden by converting to HST style flow through

B- Ideas/Concerns/Opportunities for general business in relation to:
‐ COVID-19/Chatham-Kent/Ontario/Canada/Other

  • Buy local -preference on local contractors and using benchmarking feedback (EMC- Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium, CTMA- Canadian Tooling Manufacturers Association may be able to provide?)
  • Central website looking for services to support safety locally- best practices
  • Central Website to support local service and product needs and those who can provide
  • Central website to support service and product needs on provincial level
  • Central website to provide access to services for job placement
  • Central website to provide access to mental wellness services

C- Ideas/Concerns/Opportunities as individuals in relation to:
‐ COVID-19/Chatham-Kent/Ontario/Canada/Other

  • Central website for those staying home who have ability to help others or work- remotely and those who are looking for volunteers or available service remotely
  • Social distancing etiquette public education
  • Wrap up CERB at 2000 per month creating disincentive to work -is hurting productivity

D- Ideas/Concerns/Opportunities as a municipality in relation to:
‐ COVID-19/Chatham-Kent/Ontario/Canada/Other

  • Cash flow assistance VIA tax suspension or deferral, low or no interest loans
  • Remove red tape to get this economy started
  • Target PPE industries and other supply chain industries NOW such as food processing to attract manufacturing back here.
  • Establish what can be produced here locally to support the COVID 19

E- Are there changes needed (bylaws, approvals, etc.) from the municipality to facilitate/enable action items in categories A through D.

  • Remove red tape at all levels to fast track approvals for building and construction
  • Create an industry sponsored and paid for review of municipal services on cost savings sharing basis to lower taxes and pay for tax deferrals
  • Help with communication on buying local and who does what.
  • Create a regional economic development group with representation from each municipality