Agriculture & Food Processing

1. Infrastructure

  • Need for high speed internet access at home/ work- should look into solutions for rural areas with high density (e.g. Greenhouses)
  • Provide access to Safe temporary “Hot Desks” for people who can’t access internet at home
  • Leverage Federal and other funding for infrastructure- industrial land, agri product, logistics and distribution including transport and international exports

2. Labour

  • Facilitate Access to student summer labour
  • Ease restrictions on seasonal labour, so the businesses current workforce

3. Communication

  • One stop dash board for communication from the Municipality
  • Would like to see the Municipal interpretation of Federal/Provincial regulations and guidelines eg. Construction and renovation sector
  • Suggested a standing weekly 30 minute address by the Mayor to the community

4. Community Care

  • Provide access to mental health care for those isolated/ adversely affected by the pandemic
  • Provide access to certified safe Childcare locations so parents can go back to work
  • Focus on “Buy Local” to promote local business